Cripple Creek” – Sixfold Summer 2013

“Her Back Is to Us” – Prime Number Issue 61

“On little cat feet” – Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal Issue 5

“This is not for sale” – Literary Orphans Issue 16

“Take my hand. Look both ways.” – SmokeLong Quarterly Issue 46

“Water in the Well” – Blue Lake Review January 2015

“Tick-tock. Four O’clock. The Day is Almost Done.” – Eunoia Review January 2015

“Divine Message” – Jersey Devil Press, March 2015

“The #58, Stop 913” – Print publication, Issue 3, from GTK Creative Journal

“Like Birds, We Will Fly Away” – Pacifica Literary Review, July 2015

“The Whirling Dervish of the London Screenwriter’s Festival” -November 2015, London Screenwriters’ Festival Blog

“How I Found Success by Recognizing My Own Fear of Rejection” – November 2015, London Screenwriters’ Festival Blog

“Intervention” – Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2016

“Before and After for 200, Alex” – Jabberwock Review, Winter 2016

“Binding Off” – Bangalore Review

How We Do Things Around Here” – Blue Fifth Review, Blue Five Notebook Series, Winter 2017

“Creativity’s Marathon” – Fiction Southeast, August 2017

Welcome Home” – Eunoia Review, December 2017 “

“Liminal Lives of Rabbits” – Belletrist, Vol. 4

“Let it Shine” – Available here: More Queer Families Anthology , Sept. 2019

Argemina’s Revenge” – SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 67

Where we are going to next – Finishing Line Press

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